Suspects in death of baby make court appearance

Nicholas Corbin and Desirah Overturf

Nicholas Corbin and Desirah Overturf

On Tuesday morning, Nicholas Corbin and Desirah Overturf made their first appearance via video chat with Saline County District Court Judge, Patrick Thompson.

Judge Thompson spoke to Nicholas Corbin first, listing the charges against him by the State of Kansas.

Judge Thompson stated,  “You killed intentionally with premeditation, you agreed to commit or assist with holding back sustenance intentionally, you knowingly tortured him and you caused or permitted him to be put in harm.”

After the charges were listed, Judge Thompson gave Corbin the option to obtain an attorney by the court.

Corbin said he did not want a lawyer. He said, ”I’m calling it guilty and calling it good.” The Judge then convinced him to at least talk to a lawyer then decide if he does not want one.

The same charges were read to Desirah Overturf by the State of Kansas.

Overturf also said that she did not want a lawyer but the Judge convinced her to at least speak to one before making a decision.

They will make their next appearance in court on January 16th.

Judge Thompson said that neither of them are to have contact with each other during the time of the trial.


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