Golden Belt Humane Society Continues Care of Hoarded Dogs

dogAs we first told you on Tuesday, according to the Golden Belt Humane Society’s Facebook Page, they are looking for assistance following a case in the area:

“On Monday, we got a call from P.E.T.A. *(People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) concerning about 15 dogs in a mobile home. On Tuesday, when we had enough help we went out and checked it out. Well, after about an hour of waiting for the owners we pulled out 19 in one trip. Then later after cooling off enough, we went back and got the last of them. So after about 4 hours 15 dogs turned into a final count of 50 dogs. They are all on the hefty side so it wasn’t a cruelty case, its just a hoarding case. We need all the help we can get. Please come out and consider adopting or doing a temporary adoption or maybe even a foster. Or, if anyone knows of any good rescues please do not be afraid to tell us. Its much better than having to put the poor little puppies down.”

Officially, the Humane Society removed 50 dogs and puppies from 100 Elm Street in Great Bend, following that call from PETA. As of Wednesday, they were still trying to make arrangements to minimize the number of dogs that could be euthanized, and half of the dogs have already been transported to Unleashed Pets Rescue Adoption in Mission, Kansas.

The dogs that were removed and are looking for a new home included a collection of terriers, beagles, and dachshunds.

Meanwhile, the owner, 48-year-old Roberta Barlow could be facing charges for housing too many dogs without a kennel license (Great Bend allows for four in a home), and for not maintaining current rabies vaccinations for the dogs.

The Golden Belt Humane Society is a non-profit organization working to provide forever homes for animals. They handle cruelty cases of Felines, Canines and Equines, as well as impoundment of homeless and unwanted pets, and find rescues for as many as they can. They can be reached at (620) 792-4297.

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