USD 428 Approves Architectural Design of Middle School’s New Gym and Multipurpose Room

At Monday’s USD 428 School Board meeting, the board heard from Horst, Terrill, and Karst Architectural Firm as they shared several different options for the design of the new Great Bend Middle School Gymnasium and multipurpose room. The multipurpose room could be used as a wrestling room, or when needed, a storm shelter for the school. Out of all the options the school board heard, HTK Architects recommended Option (EYE) “I”. Don Pruitt is with HTK Architects.


Option “I” has both the new Gym and multipurpose room on the west side of the school, a location where they won’t have to refigure many of the utility lines. The School Board discussed some aesthetic changes for the new Middle School Gym and multipurpose room, like brick color and window placement, but in the end, they approved that the district seek bids for Option “I” with suggested changes.


  1. citizen says

    The money being used for this gym as well as the others that have been built has to be used to improve infrastructure, it cannot be used for classroom materials. Its kind of like having a Wal Mart gifl card and not being able to use the money to pay your electic bill, even if your would rather pay your elctric bill. While it seems odd, that is how it must be done.

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  2. Lindylu says

    Where did this “infrastructure money” come from, was it a gift from Warren Buffet, did it grow on a tree, was it a gift frm The Almighty, I tink I have a pretty good idea where this money may have com from.

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